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A Message about Intel’s L1TF Security Vulnerability

Today, Intel released a statement regarding L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF), a severe security vulnerability that affects many multi-tenant environments running virtual machines, including SnapBlox. This vulnerability exposes data to any guest running on the same processor core. In SnapBlox environment, this means an attacker could theoretically use one Virtual Machine to view another Virtual Machine’s…

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Managing Multiple Domains from a Single Hosting Account

cPanel has made it easier to manage your domains in a single place. In this post, we will go over how to add another domain to your existing cPanel account. This tutorial will require that you have a hosting account and have access to cPanel to add the domain. Are you unfamiliar with what DNS is or what the different DNS…

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Mail Server 101: POP3 vs. IMAP

When it comes to technology, there are many things that many of us never stop to think about. Like how a microwave heats food so quickly. How in the world a Keurig works. Or the process by which email ends up on your phone, computer, or tablet each morning. Luckily, this post is here to…

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Error Pages, A Hidden Branding Opportunity

Let’s face it, links break, servers go down, pages go MIA and somehow all your web visitors manage to land on the dreaded error page. Eek! While there’s no full-proof way to ensure you will never have to serve up an error page, with cPanel you can, at the very least, make it a page…

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The Different Applications for cPanel Webmail

Webmail is one of the most commonly used features in cPanel. As opposed to having email delivered from the server to a desktop application, Webmail allows users to check their messages from their browsers. Currently, there are three different Webmail applications available, each with their own subtle differences, but all with the same power to…

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Git Version Control Series: Setting Up Git

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts around Git and a new feature in cPanel & WHM Version 72, Git Version Control. In case you missed them, there is a list at the bottom of this post. Keep watching for a new one every Wednesday! cPanel is designing it to make hosting repositories as…

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How to create your own name servers

Often times we receive emails, calls or chats where a customer wants to know how to start a Hosting Company or Service or just want to have custom name servers to match their domain.  SnapBlox partnership with cPanel makes it so easy to do this, the obvious choice is to use our service to host…

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Git Version Control series: Introducing Gitweb

This is the third in a series of blog posts around Git and a new feature coming in version 72, Git Version Control. You can see the first post: What is Git? Last week we showed you the new Git Version Control interface. Keep watching for a new one every Wednesday! The new Git feature will let you…

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Tips for safe summer travels: your cybersecurity checklist

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes vacation plans for many. Those looking to take some time away from work and home are likely making plans to secure their home, have their pets taken care of, and tie up loose ends at work. But how about securing your devices and your…

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