CloudFlare: Sign Up and Activate

CloudFlare integration enables websites to harness the power of the CloudFlare network to deliver the best possible performance, and to provide enhanced security and protection from attackers. CloudFlare also generates in-depth stats and threat analysis. To enable it, log into cPanel (, and click on the CloudFlare icon in the ‘Software/Services’ section. The icon to click on resembles this one :

In order to use CloudFlare services, a CloudFlare account is required. To create one, just enter your email address into the ‘Your Email’ field and click ‘Signup Now!’. If you already have a CloudFlare account, enter the email address for the account into the Your Email field, click ‘Signup Now!’ and a login box will appear:

Once you’re logged in, CloudFlare can be activated for the site by clicking the cloud icon next to the domain. The icon will first be grey, and then turn orange when activated. They will look like the following 2 icons :

Deactivated :

Activated :

It’ll take a few seconds to activate, but once the grey cloud goes orange that’s it – there’s no further action required. All the required changes, including DNS, are handled automatically. You’ll get a couple of emails from CloudFlare – one to confirm that your account has been set up, and another to confirm that the site has been added. Please note that until the second email arrives, the domain hasn’t been added to the account, so it won’t appear when logging into CloudFlare. No further action is required; after a few minutes the website will appear in the account.

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